Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek

A duo with Jan Jelinek who plays divers electronic divices and manipulates samples.
They create improvised electro-acoustic sound.
They released thier first album "Bird, Lake, Objects" in 2010 and their second album "Schaum" in 2016 from Faitiche.

Faitiche catalog page

Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer (a.k.a. Pan Am Scan)

This is an experimental improvied band including live-generative visual.

Simon Harris (electronics)
Jan Thoben (drums, percussion, objects)
Kassian Troyer (guitar)
Masayoshi Fujita (vibraphone)
Rainer Kohlberger (live-generative visual)

1st album "Tesseract"