These prints are made with divers self-developed procedures, such as using oil color on a wood board 
and printing on a paper several times, and then sometimes painted over by hand, or with stencil or many other way
(but no curving) to produce unique texture and images.

First I started to make wood prints to use it for 1st el fog's album cover.
The idea and aesthetic behind of both my music and wood prints are very much connected.
Some of the prints are used for the cover of el fog's 2nd album as well as the Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek's album.

The prints are also for sale. If you are interested, please contact for further informations.

- Exhibition -
Aug 2010 - Solo exhibition as a part of the release party of "Bird, Lake, Objects" at General Public, Berlin, Germany
Jul 2010 - Group exhibition "Schoene Kuenst" at White Cube Berlin, Germany
Oct, Nov 2009 - Exhibitions during el fog's Japan Tour, at Vacant (Tokyo), Club Metro (Kyoto),
        Sample White Room (Nara), Enn (Hamamatsu), Bum The Space (Kanazawa)
Nov 2007 - Group exhibition - "HERE IS AKICHI" at graf media gm, Osaka, Japan
Sep 2007 - Duo exhibition - w/ Detlev F. Neufert, at Galery Art To Order, Berlin, Germany

"Mountain", 2007, 70x100cm  (Photography by AOKI takamasa)

"Fog, Bird, Night", 2007, 100x110cm  (Photography by AOKI takamasa)

"Bird, Fog, Objects", 2007, 105x100  

"Fog", 2008, 100x80cm   

"Mountain - Fragmental", 2007  

"Mountain, Night", 2007  

"Fog in Bird", 100x115cm (Sold)  

"Fog, Lake", 2007, 100x80cm