updated on 3rd Jul 2015
Masayoshi Fujita signed to Erased Tapes and his new album "Apologues" will be released on 11th September.

more info >>> Erased Tapes Records

updated on 4th Mar 2015
el fog made a remix for Ozy's new album from nothings66. The remix can be listened exclusively on XLR8R.

updated on 28th Feb 2015
Concert date updated >>> 14th April, FRAMELESS 02 >>> concert

updated on 4th Apr 2014
Blog updated: "Quiet Moments -From Dusk Till Dawn-" >>> blog

Discography updated >>> Compilation Album "Quiet Moments" released Discography

updated on 17th December 2013
詳細はこちら >>> Blog

updated on 27th Mar 2013
Added the texts from the album "Stories" here in English .
アルバム「Stories」の各曲のストーリーの日本語訳をこちらでご覧頂けます。>>> Japanese

updated on 1st Mar 2013
Review and Press of "Stories" >>> flaumusic.tumblr

updated on 3rd Feb 2013

"Swan and Morning Dews> Video

updated on 21st Jan 2013
New acoustic vibraphone solo album "Stories" by Masayoshi Fujita (LP, CD, Digital) is out today worldwide on Flau Records.

updated on 17th Oct 2012
el fog's first album "Reverberate Slowly" was re-released from Flau on 17th october 2012!
It includes great re-work by Jan Jelinek and extra 2 songs of mine. please check it!
more info >>> Flau