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updated on 16 Nov 2016
ゴンチチの三上さんとのコラボレーションアルバム「Conjecture 」発売中です。
Collaboration album with Masahiko Mikami (Gontiti) will be released on 16th November.
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updated on 3rd Oct 2016
Pitchfork reviewed Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek's "Schaum"
"Experimental electronic producer Jan Jelinek partners with vibraphonist
Masayoshi Fujita to create gorgeous clouds of shifting sound.
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updated on 9th Sep 2016
A new album of Masayoshi Fujita and Jan Jelinek "Schaum" is out now!
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updated on 14th Sep 2015
Masayoshi Fujita's new album "Apologues" is out now!

You can order it on LP/CD/DL from Label's online store:
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'Melodic constellations so impeccably gorgeous that they ache' (8.2) – Pitchfork
‘A master craftsman plucking at your heartstrings mercilessly’ (8/10) – Drowned In Sound
'The perfect soundtrack for idle daydreams' ★★★★ – The Irish Times

Die Alben der Woche im Tonträger 'Von Herzen übermütig' - Zeit Online
Interview 'Exploring the Vibraphone with Masayoshi Fujita' - The 405
インタビュー by 公園喫茶

Added the texts from the album "Stories" here in English .
アルバム「Stories」の各曲のストーリーの日本語訳をこちらでご覧頂けます。>>> Japanese

New acoustic vibraphone solo album "Stories" by Masayoshi Fujita (LP, CD, Digital) is out today worldwide on Flau Records.

Review and Press of "Stories" >>> flaumusic.tumblr

el fog's first album "Reverberate Slowly" was re-released from Flau.

It includes great re-work by Jan Jelinek and extra 2 songs of mine. please check it!
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